Real Estate

Kevin Dorhout has dealt with everything from the purchase and sale of residential and commercial property to the construction of custom homes, commercial buildings and retail centers--and everything in between. Areas of practice include unlawful detainer, real estate purchase disputes, homeowners’ association issues, mechanic's liens and related issues throughout Ventura and Los Angeles Counties.



Small business has always been the backbone of the United State economy.  People start businesses with a handshake and a mutual trust that sometimes, unfortunately, fails to work out and results in lawsuits.  If you find yourself considering or facing a lawsuit which involves your business, you need an aggressive and effective attorney to preserve your rights and interests without killing the “golden goose.”


Trusts and Probate

Before you see your doctor you should have already seen your attorney. Everyone has an estate plan provided to them by the State of California. If you want to plan your estate the way you want, come talk to an attorney who can provide you with a will, trust and health care directives so that you take the burden and costs from your beneficiaries.

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